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Openness? : 自由を手に入れるための方法
美術とは、常に「自由」を求めて表現してきた歴史である。表現の自由、新しさの追求、社会 の変革を求める運動がそれである。一方で「自由」とは、体現しようと試みれば同時に、誰か にとっての「不自由」に変わるもの。多文化主義や民主主義といった、「平等な共同体」を目指 す理念とは、実は相容れない概念だ。でも人々はきっと、これからも「自由」で「平等」な社 会を望んでやまないだろう。この美しくも醜い、やっかいな「自由」という思想を、展覧会と いう「不自由」で「不平等」なシステムの下で、まずは実践してみようと思う。 加藤康司(展示作家)

Openness? : The method of acquiring freedom
For art, there has always been a history of constantly seeking and expressing “freedom.” It is the freedom of expression, the pursuit of novelty, and the movements that aim for transformation of societies. On the other hand, when talking about “freedom”, someone’s effort to embody it may become “the lack of freedom” for another individual. The ideas about “an equal community” that is pursued by ideologies such as Multiculturalism and Democracy are actually contradicting concepts. However, people would never stop hoping for a society that possesses the qualities of freedom and equality. I would like to try out the lovely, repulsive, and troublesome idea of “freedom” under the system of an exhibition, which is in particular lack of freedom and equality.
Koji Kato(Exhibiting artist)

Abraham Benjumea
Armaine Yapyuco
Cheng Yu
Chiaki Haibara(灰原千晶) Da In Park
Koji Kato(加藤康司) Motoyo Ochiai(落合元世) Nanaka Adachi (安達七佳) Sixte Paluku Kakinda
Yu Ohara(大原由)
Zhuang Yingqian

2018/08/10(Fri)- 08/12(Sun) 2018/08/17(Fri)- 08/19(Sun) 12:00〜20:00
2018/08/10(Fri)(開催時間は現在調整中) インデペンデント・キュレーター長谷川新氏によるトークイベント。参加費 500 円(ワンドリ ンク付き)
Independent curator, Arata Hasegawa arranges the talk event. Admission fee for the talk event ¥500(incl. 1 drink)

Contact openness2018@gmail.com

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